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holonist [userpic]

Последняя минута

March 26th, 2018 (12:19 pm)

Это необычный пост  для меня. Я прошу тех, кто понимает английский язык, сказать мне, какое у них сложилось представление об авторе, и какое впечатление от стихов.

The last minute

The war is over
And our defeat is closer.
Our unit is in a captivity
And that's bad - this place is in a privity.

Were all gonna meet a firing squad
The commander, my friends, all under the eye of god.
The shots come one after the other
Killing people that i called "brother".

I took the hand of Alice, my love
And she took mine, sort of.
I looked to the right - we were the last
And I saw death, spreading fast.

The gun is pressed to the head of John
My childhoods friend. Well, he's olready gone.
The games we played - the time we spend
Now - the memories has an end.

The Next head was my commander - Rye
The best commander that i have ever known, aye.
We were close - closer than just "50 push ups!"
God - when will it end? A crux.

After this shot - the gun found the head of Alice
I squeezed her hand with mallice.
Then - a sound of shot was heard
One in the room - and one in my heart - blurred.

I felt pain and perception - she was dead
I didin't showed the pain - it was in my head.
Then - my turn came
I felt the gun that found a dot to aim.

I felt the cold burrel through my hair
After Alice - i didn't care.
Life has no matter now
Even death wasn't scaring, wow.

A small muvement with a finger -
Death will come - nothing will not be a hinder.
A shot. Another one,
And the unit's work is done.

My body felt to the ground
Вut I still held a hand - our hands like bound.